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“My nerd senses are tingling.”

Well, I spent this weekend being white and nerdy and had the best time ever!
So after some stressful train related shenanigans, I finally stepped out of Earl’s Court tube station and joined the legion of fellow nerds queuing for London Film and Comic Con!
I’ve been to a few cons before, notably Doctor Who Con and Leaky Con, but I’ve not ever ventured into London’s branch of comic based fun time, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, honestly, I loved it, but I did have my reservations too.

Due to the fact that I am not a walking money pit, I paid for standard entry and decided to just try my luck once I’d arrived for what panels I could go to without having to fork out anything extra, I mean, as much as I love Stan Lee, I wasn’t prepared to spend £45 for his name to be scribbled on a bit of paper or £65 for the pleasure of standing next to him for a few seconds. Especially when he walked past me twice during the con itself. Annoyingly though, this didn’t quite work out for me because after they take your ticket and let you in, they don’t bother to hand you a map or a time table, so you’re literally unleashed into a massive hall with no idea where to start or where anything is, which I kinda felt ruined it for me a bit. On the way in, I was surrounded by fellow nerds and all these amazing cosplayers and then once you get into the building, you waste a good portion of your time trying to figure out where to go. Eventually, we discovered there were a few posters dotted around with the names of the guests and panels on one sheet and then at another point in the room, a list of where those guests and panels would be. Which was helpful, but also a bit annoying because I was constantly tooing and froing between various points, just to work out where to go until eventually, I ended up photographing the two and checking my phone every five minutes.

Apart from that, it was a great day!
Once I knew where everything was and what was happening, I could really immerse myself in the experience and enjoy myself!
First things first, merch!
After coveting everything and picking up a couple of pop vinyls, we headed to the main stage to catch the end of Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat talking about Doctor Who, the event was ticketed, so we stood outside and listened for a bit and then headed back to the other hall to take part in the first YA lit con the UK has ever hosted! The best workshops were typically on the following day, but we got to hear about creative writing and blogging which was great and we attended a panel with Rainbow Rowell, Lucy Saxon and Tim O’Rouke talking about super fans and writing fanfic etc which was super interesting and Lucy Saxon, who I wasn’t aware of before, really impressed me with her answers and the fact that she was cosplaying as Captain America! Also, she published her book at 19, seriously, has anyone read it? I kinda want it!

Please excuse the crappy little instagram pic.
The fan panel was really interesting, I’ve never really written fanfiction, but listening to authors talk about it and celebrating it was amazing! I kind of love knowing that people like published authors are as huge a nerd as me! Lucy Saxon in particular was great!
Having enjoyed all of Rainbow Rowell’s books I loved hearing her talk about her inspirations and writing process, I don’t know about anyone else, I want a Simon Snow series!
There was a huge signing section, with awesome people like Patrick Ness and Charlie Higson, plus a mini book shop with all the things, including exclusive We Were Liars merch (if you’ve not read that, you need to get on it immediately.) The only criticism I have about the lit con section, was the fact that it was just stuffed in one corner of the hall so you really struggled to hear what was being said over the noise of everything else that was happening. Plus, it was directly in between the queues for photos with Stan Lee and Lena Heady which was a little rowdy!
Once that was all done with, we hung out with some transformers, saw 221B’s set, met the batmobile, watched Sherlock Holmes and Bucky Barnes share a packet of crisps, saw the end of what I think was a cosplay competition, seriously, cosplayers, I bow down to you and your incredible talent, there is nothing quite like seeing an entire posse of Spider men, or a couple playing Ten and Eleven (or my personal favourite, Bane and Batman). My favourite cosplay related moment was when a very realistic Jon Snow was asked by a staff member if he was queuing for a photo op, only for him to look at the Sansa beside him and say: “I don’t know.”
We made it back to the main stage in time for the Game of Thrones panel to begin, again, that event was paid for, so we hung around outside for a bit, but then the lure of the prop area was too much. I know the whole point of cons is getting autographs and photos, it’s something that I spent my entire time doing at Leaky Con, but it was all just so expensive. Honestly, the atmosphere was enough for me!

Some of the best fun of the day was when we got to play with the TARDIS console and sit in the iron throne!
I have the biggest look of disbelief on my face ever.


I don’t know why everyone wants this thing so bad, it’s the most uncomfortable chair in the world!
And so, that was my experience at LFCC! It was significantly better than dashcon, or so I’m told.
Were you at LFCC? Are you going to SDCC? Tell me more!


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