#LoveThisQuote – How to Build a Girl

I do kinda love Caitlin Moran and there were some great moments in this book and I figured, why not do a double quote?

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“Poor people can write. It’s one of the few things poverty and lack of connections cannot stop you doing.”

I grew up in a very working class family and I wrote constantly when I was growing up, mostly journals and short stories, but when I came across this quote, I had to take note of it. It was one of a few moments in the book that really spoke to me.


“If any of you ever turn up on my doorstep and tell me you’ve voted Tory, you’ll be sailing through the air with my boot-print on your arses before you know what’s hit you. We vote Labour.”

As I said in the first quote – I come from a very working class family – like I don’t want to get all political on here and you do you, vote for whoever, but this quote made me laugh because it is exactly what my parents and grandparents would say to me! My paternal grandfather was a miner, my maternal grandfather was the union rep at every job he ever had and is a staunch socialist to this day.

When I come across quotes like this in a book that speaks to me and raises the nostalgia of my own childhood it makes me sad that I didn’t enjoy it more. How to Build a Girl was very entertaining, but it didn’t have the same spark that Caitlin’s other books have.


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