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What Leah wore: What does the fox say?

Why, the fox says Elementary!
Would you look at that, Leah is under strict instructions not to publish her next blog post until a certain day, so she is bringing an old feature out of retirement! This is a thing I used to do to show off all the nerdy stuff I wear, but like, I use youtube a lot more now so people can see my nerdy fashion sense there!
Anyway, as it is properly spring like outside, we are celebrating the fox dress, because foxes are a part of nature and nature is relevant during spring time. We’re also celebrating my Sherlock Holmes pocket watch necklace, because I don’t wear much jewellery, but when I do, it is cool as heck.


I should mention that I have no idea how to read proper time, digital has completely destroyed any hope I had of knowing what the time is when looking at an analogue clock, but at least when I open this to check the time, I look a bit cool when I stare at the clock face!

Dress – asos
Watch – etsy



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