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Dans le sac and other examples of my limited French

Why hello there, it always feels like I’ve not updated this thing forever, when actually its only been about nine days. I should get another hobby, one that would make for lots of interesting updates. Anywho, I actually did something fun recently and who else can I tell apart from my corner of the internet?

So, you guys might remember this post from last year when I went to Walt Disney World in Florida, seriously, it was the best fun I’ve ever had. I know there are many problematic things about Disney, like the whole casual racism of the earlier films and the whitewashing of the newer things and all that jazz, I know, I know and I’m not gonna make excuses for it, but honestly, there is nothing quite like the feeling of getting through the ticket barriers and looking up at that castle in front of you. God, its making me a little giddy just thinking about it. What I’m getting at here (as you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram) is that I’ve spent the last few days in Disney, sadly not Florida, but we all know that I love Paris just as much. Anyway, I figured I’d give you the low down on the last few days of Halloween at Disneyland Paris.


Seriously though look how pretty!


Isn’t it weird seeing Halloween stuff with bright blue skies?


So, things from the past few days:

  1. If duolingo tells you that you’re 3% fluent in French, it does not mean that you will understand anything that is said to you. (Though I can quite confidently say dans le sac (not the most useful thing to say), bonjour ca va and je suis froid – that one was useful, it was bloody freezing in Paris the last few days!)
  2. Literally everyone in disney can speak about four languages and it makes me super jealous cos I can speak one fluently, one a bit and I’m 3% fluent in another. I want to be multi-lingual.
  3. Staying at a Disney resort is the best. If I do disney again, I am totes spending the extra to stay on site. Our room was Bambi themed and it was so pretty! Also it meant I got to see this sight every morning:untitled-1789
  4. Being in Europe makes me super sad that 52% of my fellow brits have taken us away from this wonderful continent.
  5. That being said, being in France did make me miss British breakfasts. Seriously, I can’t eat butter laden croissants, which is a massive shame, but I don’t understand the concept of cold meats. Give me cereal, give me jam, give me toast, give me baked beans.
  6. Similarly, why is there egg in literally every packaged sandwich? Any French people read this blog? Let me know!
  7. This year’s trip did not feature Chubby Dan Howell which I am very sad about.
  8. There are however some incredibly attractive Jedi masters working at the Jedi training show. Like hot dayum. The force was strong with those ones.
  9. The fact that Star Tours isnt open yet is the saddest.
  10. Nowhere smells as good as Mainstreet does.
  11. Pirates of the Caribbean is still the best ride. Hands down.
  12. I have post disney depression and I’d quite like to go back again. And again.
  13. Hearing a French person shout Allons-y was the highlight of my life.


Anyway, there you go, some titbits from my trip to France, though it was a shame not to get to explore the city again (I do love cities), getting to feel like an eight year old again was magical and pretty cool for the first holiday of 2016. (Yes, the year is nearly over and only now am I getting the holiday time in…) I’ll be back in Europe in a couple of weeks for a trip to Belgium, anyone been before? Tell me some cool things to do when I get to Brussells!


1 thought on “Dans le sac and other examples of my limited French”

  1. I was in my early twenties when I first went to Disneyland in California, and I was all ready to hold my nose in the air and sneer at the rampant commercialism of the place. But I tell you, there must be something in the air in a Disney environment, because the moment I walked through those gates and into the park I was squealing and giggling and swept up in it all like a kid again.

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