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Making a come back

Way back when, when this blog was in its infancy, one of the features I did was a little thing called “What Leah Wore” in which I showed off a different nerdy t shirt. The feature hasn’t appeared on here since 2016, but I think its time for a come back…

Now, you might know, because I mention it a lot, but I am turning thirty this year. Like most people terrified of their twenties slipping away from them, I made a thirty before thirty list, one of the things on that list was to donate more to charity and so far since my 29th birthday, I have been doing just that, I make sure to pop change into collection boxes on shop counters, I cleared through my dvd and book shelves and donated them all to children’s charities and recently, I went through my wardrobe and took five bin bags full of clothes to another shop.
Well, I guess because I’m nearly thirty.
Here’s the thing, I don’t really do fashion. I mean, I like it, there are so many people that I think look awesome, but I’ve never really had a sense of style, I never really knew what I wanted to look like or how to pull it off, so I just stuck with fandom shirts and jeans, but honestly, most of the things in my wardrobe and my daily clothing rotation were things I had owned since I was fifteen years old. Seriously. There are shirts and jeans and jumpers that are too small, have gone baggy or bobbly because of so many washes, had holes in or were just plain ridiculous for someone to still own fifteen years later. So, I sorted through it all and bagged it up, while blasting Lights and dancing around my room. It was quite theraputic actually, not just because I knew these much loved things were going to someone else who was going to love them just as much, but because I am starting fresh I am now a clean canvas waiting to be styled together.

So, this feature is making a come back because who am I if I’m not showing the internet various ridiculous things from my life? Stick around while I experiment and try to find my style and become Leah 2.0 the person who isn’t going to be afraid of trying new things and who will buy clothes because she likes them and will wear them and feel cute even if she doesn’t think she has the right body type for the outfit or its not something she would normally wear. Because seriously, I am not going to be fifteen again. In the immortal words of Kylo Ren, let go of the past, kill it if you have to. Or donate it to charity. Whichever suits you best.


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