what leah wore

What Leah wore: I don’t understand that reference

So as I said I’d be bringing this feature back and as I am half way through my regeneration into Leah 2.0, I figured I’d do some transition outfits over the weekend, especially because Sunday was kinda exciting and honestly, I needed to construe some sort of reason to tell you about them.

Let’s go!

Here’s what I cobbled together on Saturday.

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Top: Hot Topic
Jeans: Primark
Jumper: New Look

Like, I know I said I was going to get rid of a lot of my old clothes, but I don’t feel like I’m quite ready to get rid of all my nerdy attire, so I’m keeping the Supernatural references. Also let’s be real, I am a sucker for pop culture references, I will pretty much always understand the reference. I should get points for swapping a hoody with a jumper. I’m no where near as scruffy as I usually am!

Once I decided on an outfit, I headed out into town to go to the library because my reservation finally came through and I had to pick up The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher! (And a bunch of other things I don’t have time to read. I have literally no will power.) I also accidentally went to Hunting Raven Books, my local independent bookshop, they had a sale on. And well… I walked out with more books than I went in with…

Sorry not sorry.

Saturday evening was spent with some buds with the second Games Night of 2018, this time around we spent the evening eating pancakes, which my friend Julia made dairy free just for me, and playing Who Am I? Which was hilarious as always. Especially when Rhys ended up with Jon Snow and we had to decide whether to go for the Game of Thrones character or the news reader… Which made guessing quite difficult!

Then on Sunday after a bit of a lie in, it was time to meet up with some old school buds for my town’s first ever Vegan festival!

I decided to go for a cute, casual, Dodie Clarke esque look. My vegan yoda, aka my former house mate, George, is going to be my new stylist for the full Leah 2.0 transition and thankfully, this outfit received her seal of approval!

This whole outfit is from New Look.

The vegan fair was rammed! I wasn’t expecting it to be so busy we’d have to queue outside!
We wondered around some of the stalls taking in the various cruelty free products on display and then jumped into separate queues to get dinner and desert and we ended up with HUGE vegan burgers from NotGotBeef and crepes, like seriously, look at the size of this!

Sadly all the cake and fun things had sold out really quickly, so we just grabbed some fudge and had a walk around town, but we’re told that there will be another vegan fair in town later in the year, so fingers crossed we’ll get in earlier and manage to grab all the sweet treats!


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