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Brighton-ing my Easter

Why hello there internet, how you doing? Good? Cool. Here’s what I got up to at Easter.

So, if you’ve been here before, you’ll know that last year, I took a little jaunt to Brighton where I accidentally joined the marxists. At the time I didn’t really talk about this, but I also lowkey had a mental breakdown on the beach which was a thing. I remember being sat on the beach and completely losing control of my thoughts. I mean, I am kind of making light of it because hiding behind sardonic humour is kind of my thing, but honestly, it was horrible. And the fact that it happened in Brighton, one of my favourite places, made me keen to go back again, I wanted to make new. happier, better memories to erase that one. And of course,  I wasn’t going alone this time, my buddy Charlotte was coming with and we planned to eat ALL THE FOOD and hang out on the quirky side streets. I mean, going on April Fools Day may have been the reason why I woke up with a terrible cold.

Here are the highlights!

  • The roadtrip involved American Sour Patch Kids (clearly the best kind) and a killer soundtrack. We rocked out a little too hard to One Direction. No regrets.
  • Finding a parking space on Easter Sunday was a challenge that we excelled at.
  • Hanging out on the North Laine is the best, especially because VEGAN EVERYTHING.

I mean, look at that guys.

  • We are simply not cool enough for all the awesome shops.
  • The Pavilion and the Culture Quarter are the best. I’ve never actually visited this bit of Brighton before, despite visiting the city several times

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dats vewy nice

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  • Our hotel room was super cute. It had a customised headboard on the bed and everything.
  • Filming a lookbook for Charlotte on the beach
  • Visiting the pier and not winning any of the soft toys
  • Also being a bit concerned about how many people were gambling on a religious holiday
  • Buying far too many vegan sweets
  • Going on long walks along the sea front
  • Getting lost in the Lanes
  • Playing cards against humanity
  • The world’s hardest bed
  • Finding a vegan ice cream parlour

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Gelato Gusto’s vegan selection 👌🏻

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I mean.

  • Also a vegan bakery

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Basically, I need to move to Brighton so I can eat cake and ice cream and food all the time.


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