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January’s five favourites…

Hello there chums, I hope you’re doing well and you’re in the mood for some product recommendations, otherwise this post will be a disappointment!
If you’ve been here for a while you will know that I love lists, it’s because I’m a virgo, I can’t help it. You’ll also know that I post a monthly round up containing lists, sadly that wasn’t quite enough for me so here’s another monthly list for you, but on a smaller scale. Basically sometimes I discover something that I want to tell the internet about but it doesn’t really fir with that monthly round-up. Also I love lists. Did I mention that?
Anyway, here are five things I really enjoyed in January that you might also like!

  1.  //App// Borrowbox
    I have had this app for a while and I am loving it – BorrowBox is my library’s (and a bunch of other libraries too) audio book data base, which allows me to listen to audio books for free! This app is free for anyone who has a library account and is a great option for anyone that wants audible but ain’t got the funds for that.
  2. //Browser Extension// Honey
    IDK if this is on all your web browsers, but if you’re on chrome get this added. I heard about it through AmazingPhil, but basically this is a browser extension that searches for codes and discounts for you while you shop – it is pretty amazing!
  3. //Shop// Glasses Direct
    Speaking of shopping… I’ve used glasses direct before. My previous pair of glasses were from here too. If you don’t know, they are an online optician that let you try before you buy with free home trails and always have amazing discounts on frames as well as tools to help you pick the glasses that will best suit you… Also, when I made my purchase, I used honey and got an extra 50% off!

  4. // Food// Fry’s ‘chicken’ strips
    Thank you veganuary for becoming so popular that super markets are stocking amazing vegan food and then putting up special displays so I can find said food easier. My local Sainsbury has the Frys range, but I can’t be affording to buy brand name food all the time. However, the veganuary folk being so vocal meant that these were on offer and my God, they were amazing. The southern fried chicken style strips were incredible, like honestly. So good.
  5. //Twitter account// The Raven Master
    I’ve only just discovered this account, but I love it! The account is run by one of the beefeaters that looks after the ravens at the Tower of London, there is also a book based on his life as a raven master and gives an insight into life at the Tower and the famous ravens. These birds are so beautiful and I love the myth that surrounds the ravens, watching them demand scritches like my cockatiel does just proves that all birds are derps and love attention.

If you have any favourite things for this month, leave them in the comments below so we can share recommendations!


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