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February’s Five Favourites

I started this last month and thought I’d continue it because I like a lot of stuff… Apparently.

1 // Shop\\ Sugar Rush
I don’t know if these guys are all over the country, but where I live there is a company called Sugar Rush who from 7pm until 9pm will bring you a 1kg box of pick and mix to your door. That’s genius. If you find yourself watching a cooking show and want something sweet but it would mean having to go out, no fear, head to Facebook and send these guys a message and they’ll bring sweets to you. Genius.

2 //Exercise\\ Bag Fit
Look, I’m not all that into exercise, I never have been, but I have been doing a lot of pilates recently and this month I also gave Bag Fit a try, it’s a cardio work out that incorporates boxing into the routines. It’s hard work, but good fun! I recommend.

3 // Subscription box\\ Illumicrate
It is with a heavy heart that I think the February Illumicrate box is probably going to be my last. I have loved receiving these boxes and they still remain my favourite subscription box, I just can’t afford it now that it is monthly instead of quarterly. I’m going to be very sad to be missing out in the coming months, but I am excited to see this company get bigger and bigger!

4// Theatre\\ Kinky Boots
I know I mentioned this in my monthly round up, but I was lucky enough to get press tickets to Kinky Boots when it came to Bristol, which I was able to review for Visit Somerset. Seriously though, this was incredible and so much fun! The costumes, the music, the acting, it was just the best fun I’ve had in a long time, it was nothing short of fabulous!

5// Food\\ Pizza Hut
My final favourite this month goes to Pizza Hut and this is purely because of their new Jackfruit BBQ pizza which is part of their brand new vegan menu which even includes desert! I love this pizza and I want to eat a lot more of them during this year!



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