Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful

Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful – Arwen Elys Dayton

Oh look, it’s another ARC that I got months ago and sort of forgot about. Oooops….
That’s confession number one.

I picked this up when it appeared on Netgalley because the marketing said it was perfect for fans of Black Mirror and WestWorld. Confession two is that I haven’t ever seen either of those shows. In my defence, I’ve always wanted to, but I think they might freak me out a bit, which is why I grabbed this because I thought it might be a way to ease me in gently. On the whole, this reminded me of Only Ever Yours and Uglies, so if you’ve also not seen Black Mirror, but have read either of those, then you might find this is right up your street.

For fans of television shows Black Mirror and Westworld, this compelling, mind-bending novel is a twisted look into the future, exploring how far we will go to remake ourselves into the perfect human specimen and what it means to be human at all.
Set in our world, spanning the near to distant futures, Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful is a novel made up of six interconnected stories that ask how far we will go to remake ourselves into the perfect human specimens, and how hard that will push the definition of “human.”
This extraordinary work explores the amazing possibilities of genetic manipulation and life extension, as well as the ethical quandaries that will arise with these advances. The results range from the heavenly to the monstrous. Deeply thoughtful, poignant, horrifying, and action-packed, Arwen Elys Dayton’s Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful is groundbreaking in both form and substance.

This is a quick and fairly easy read about major medical advancements told in six short stories that are all interconnected. It’s the kind of sci fi I don’t read enough of, the sort that has enough real world grounding to it to make it actually plausable… Which is exactly the reason people keep recommending Black Mirror to me!

Stronger, Faster and More Beautiful is an interesting study on humanity and the morals and ethics surrounding these kinds of surgeries… Is it a bit… Playing God? Each of the stories tackle this question and feature several interesting protagonists, from the evangelical preacher with some incredibly extreme views to the twins that kick this whole thing off and all the families in between. I actually wanted this to be longer and while I loved each of the stories, I do kind of wish this were a full novel so it could go a bit further in its explorations.

Ultimately this reminded me of the Uglies series (which I really want to revist it at some point) because its about genetic modification and medical advancement, it is also about people and that’s what I loved most about it.

This came out in December, so if you are a Black Mirror fan or someone who liked the Uglies series, be sure to grab a copy and let me know what you think!


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