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March’s Five Favourites


I know, I know, it’s like actually April now, so this is pretty late, but, better late than never, right?

Here’s five things I’ve been loving in March.

1 //Shop// Savannah Studios
In March I added some more to my sleeve at Savannah Studios in Keynsham. The last few times, I’ve been tattoo’d by Freya, the junior artist at Savannah Studios, but I’ve also had some work done by Chunky and some of my friends have had designs from Kelly and Sammi – if you’re in the Bath/Bristol area, check them out! Here’s Freya’s instagram for more info!

2 //TV// Riverdale Heathers episode
Look, I know Riverdale is all kinds of ridiculous right now, but I kinda love it and the Heathers episode was incredible! If you haven’t seen it, then find a *cough* LEGAL way to do so. The soundtrack is on spotify and apple music too so you can also listen to Cole Sprouse singing.

3 // Food// Goodfella’s vegan salsa pizza
All praise the vegan Gods for the new products that are coming out! I’m lactose intolerant and like most lactose intolerants will occasionally partake in a little dairy deviance. Sometimes you got to just deal with it. Now though, now I can eat pizza that is the same price as a cheesey pizza and it won’t give me stomach ache. Also, it actually tastes good!

4// Shop// Maidenhead Aquatics
Idk if you guys know this, but I recently became a fish parent, my bird loves them. It’s quite cute actually. After a bit of a rocky start without really knowing much about freshwater fish or how to look after them the staff at my local Maidenhead Aquatics were incredibly helpful, giving amazing advice and pairing me with some amazing fish species.

5// YouTuber// Lucy Wood
I might be a bit late to the party, but I recently discovered Lucy Wood, she is just so down to Earth and hilarious and I have been loving her honest haul videos.





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