leah's stupid life

April’s five favourites

Get me actually managing to continue with this little project!

1// Product\\ Tattoo Goo
I probably should have mentioned this last month, but honestly, I love tattoo goo. If you’re getting tattoo’d at any point soon, get yourself a pot of this, you can get it on superdrug and it is amazing at helping you heal your tattoos. Not only that, but they also do products for healed tattoos and suncreams too.

2// Movie\\ Avengers: Endgame
I know I featured this in my April wrap up but by god this was a great movie. Love you 3,000.

3// Company\\ S&B Cinemas
So these guys run my local cinema and aside from the fact that it is super reasonable and they serve everything from beer to cups of tea as refreshments, they also take their jobs really seriously. For Endgame, the staff all dressed up as characters from the film and even decorated the foyer!

4// Website\\ Wikipedia
No for real, I have a lot of research I have to do for work at the moment and Wikipedia is a god send.

5// DVD\\ Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse
Considering how much I love films, I haven’t actually used a DVD player in aaaaages! My library also does DVD hire and I finally got to watch Into the Spiderverse. It is legit the best spider man film I’ve ever seen, I loved it!


What five things have you been loving this month?


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