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What’s on my Netgalley shelf

What up nerds? This is a bit of a self explanatory title, but as you might have noticed, my reviews have all been ARCs... Mostly ARCs that are incredibly out of date granted, but ARCs nonetheless. That's because at the beginning of the year I went a bit crazy on Netgalley and then they started… Continue reading What’s on my Netgalley shelf

leah's stupid life

April’s five favourites

Get me actually managing to continue with this little project! 1// Product\\ Tattoo Goo I probably should have mentioned this last month, but honestly, I love tattoo goo. If you're getting tattoo'd at any point soon, get yourself a pot of this, you can get it on superdrug and it is amazing at helping you… Continue reading April’s five favourites

leah's stupid life

February’s Five Favourites

I started this last month and thought I'd continue it because I like a lot of stuff... Apparently. 1 // Shop\\ Sugar Rush I don't know if these guys are all over the country, but where I live there is a company called Sugar Rush who from 7pm until 9pm will bring you a 1kg… Continue reading February’s Five Favourites

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January’s five favourites…

Hello there chums, I hope you're doing well and you're in the mood for some product recommendations, otherwise this post will be a disappointment! If you've been here for a while you will know that I love lists, it's because I'm a virgo, I can't help it. You'll also know that I post a monthly… Continue reading January’s five favourites…

leah's stupid life

What I’ve learned in six months of pet ownership

This is Kylo. Kylo is my cockatiel. Kylo and I just celebrated our six month anniversary, so I figured it was about time he was officially introduced to you all. If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll probably already be a little acquainted with him as I have become one of those animal parents that… Continue reading What I’ve learned in six months of pet ownership