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Leah re-reads: Matilda

Hello frens, it feels like it's been a while... How you doing? Good? Good. If you're still around, welcome to the next instalment of my re-read project where I tackle Matilda by Roald Dahl. Honestly, this is one of the books on my re-read list that I was most worried about re-reading because of how… Continue reading Leah re-reads: Matilda

leah's stupid life

September 2019

September is always a bit of a hard month for me. Most people love their birthday month, but I have such complicated feelings about birthdays, I always find it difficult to really enjoy the month. This year though I think I've turned a bit of a corner, September wasn't all that bad this time around! … Continue reading September 2019

leah's stupid life

Not a review, just some thoughts with vague mentions of a book I read recently

Wow, how's that for a title! Anyway, hello. It feels like ages since I last wrote anything. Life has a habit of getting in the way of creativity and all that. Today though, we're here due to a burst of, well, not creativity but THOUGHTS and this is done to two reasons: I just finished… Continue reading Not a review, just some thoughts with vague mentions of a book I read recently

leah's stupid life

What’s on my Netgalley shelf

What up nerds? This is a bit of a self explanatory title, but as you might have noticed, my reviews have all been ARCs... Mostly ARCs that are incredibly out of date granted, but ARCs nonetheless. That's because at the beginning of the year I went a bit crazy on Netgalley and then they started… Continue reading What’s on my Netgalley shelf