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July’s Five Favourites

There have been so many things that I have been loving lately, but I did manage to narrow it down to five, so here are the five things I have been obsessed with in July! 1 //shop\\ H&E Beauty So this won't mean anything to anyone outside my area of Somerset, but H&E Beauty are… Continue reading July’s Five Favourites

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June’s five favourites

  It was actually super hard choosing only five things this month! Some of these ended up being mentioned in my monthly round up, but they were so good they got mentioned twice! 1 //TV show\\ Chernobyl My God how good was this show?! 2// YouTube video\\ Basically, I'm gay - Daniel Howell Honestly, this… Continue reading June’s five favourites

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January’s five favourites…

Hello there chums, I hope you're doing well and you're in the mood for some product recommendations, otherwise this post will be a disappointment! If you've been here for a while you will know that I love lists, it's because I'm a virgo, I can't help it. You'll also know that I post a monthly… Continue reading January’s five favourites…

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Top 5…. First Lines

Oh look, its that seldom seen top five feature that I started and then sporadically kept up with.. Sorry, I have a bit of commitment phobia and it bleeds into every aspect of my life. Anyways, here are my fop five first lines! 5) All this happened, more or less This line from Slaughter House… Continue reading Top 5…. First Lines

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Top 5….

Memoirs. I don't often stray away from fiction, I like reading about make believe worlds, that's sort of the point of why I read, so that I don't have to exist in real life. Ocassionally, I delve into the realms of autobiographies and these are my top five. #5 Elephant to Hollywood - Michael Caine.… Continue reading Top 5….