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Dans le sac and other examples of my limited French

Why hello there, it always feels like I've not updated this thing forever, when actually its only been about nine days. I should get another hobby, one that would make for lots of interesting updates. Anywho, I actually did something fun recently and who else can I tell apart from my corner of the internet?… Continue reading Dans le sac and other examples of my limited French

leah's stupid life, travel

The Disney tag!

My friend Amber did this over on her blog (she's a daily blogger and some how always manages to be hella positive every single day!) and I figured that I would do it too, mostly because around the time that she uploaded it marked a year since I visited Disney World for the first time… Continue reading The Disney tag!

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The Inside Out Book Tag!

Anyone that has followed this blog for a while will know two things, one I am a sucker for a memtacular book tag and I never get tagged in said memetacular book tags. But that doesn't mean I don't do them anyway, behold, The Inside Out Book Tag! As it says in the title, this… Continue reading The Inside Out Book Tag!

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Floridian Adventure!

So, I've been gone a little while, thought I'd tell you about my Florida adventure, stay tuned, this post will mostly be Post Disney Depression and general flailing. Be warned. Also I am writing this whilst watching Saving Mr Banks, which is really not helping me feel better about the fact that I am back… Continue reading Floridian Adventure!