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January 2019

Was this the longest month ever or what? Every time I look at the calendar and saw that it was still January I felt like that gif from the Titanic where she's like I've waited 84 years... In fact, I'm posting this when there are still days left in January. WHY WON'T YOU END? You… Continue reading January 2019

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November round up

November feels like its crept up on me and now its only weeks before the end of the year! I think we can all agree that the world feels like a very strange place thanks to events of November and I don't really know where we go from here... In more local news, this month… Continue reading November round up

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April round up

Literally moments after returning home from the Wunderbar pop quiz where my team (the easter egg-istential crisis) came fourth, I looked at my calendar and thought, wow, April's pretty empty, my buddy Amber messages me and asks if I fancy a trip to Cardiff - looks like taking impromptu trips to see 5SOS has become… Continue reading April round up