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September’s Five Favourites

1 //Food\\  Welsh Cakes I spent some time in Wales during September so naturally, I ate copious amounts of Welsh Cakes! I also sampled some Bara Brith during my trip, but I have to say, the Welsh Cakes were my favourite. The best ones were the ones I had Tredegar House in Newport - they… Continue reading September’s Five Favourites

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August’s five favourites

Here's everything that I loved in the month of August! 1//shop\\  Druzy Dreams If you love good quality silver jewellery, check out Druzy Dreams. They're an independent jewellers and their rings are gorgeous. I've bought three rings from them recently in their sale and they are all so pretty! Plus when they arrived it came… Continue reading August’s five favourites

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Not a review, just some thoughts with vague mentions of a book I read recently

Wow, how's that for a title! Anyway, hello. It feels like ages since I last wrote anything. Life has a habit of getting in the way of creativity and all that. Today though, we're here due to a burst of, well, not creativity but THOUGHTS and this is done to two reasons: I just finished… Continue reading Not a review, just some thoughts with vague mentions of a book I read recently

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Leah re-reads: Little Women

Ok, confession time, Little Women was a firm favourite of mine as a kid, so naturally it was on my list of books to tackle on this re-read project, but it was fairly near the bottom. Then I saw the promo images from the upcoming film with Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan as Laurie and… Continue reading Leah re-reads: Little Women