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May’s five favourites

I know, May isn't quite over yet, but I am on the ball this month! Here's a bunch of recommendation's for you of stuff I've enjoyed this month! 1 //App\\  1se AKA 1 Second Everyday. I've been aware of this app for a little while, but I've never used it until now! I knew there… Continue reading May’s five favourites

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April’s five favourites

Get me actually managing to continue with this little project! 1// Product\\ Tattoo Goo I probably should have mentioned this last month, but honestly, I love tattoo goo. If you're getting tattoo'd at any point soon, get yourself a pot of this, you can get it on superdrug and it is amazing at helping you… Continue reading April’s five favourites

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January’s five favourites…

Hello there chums, I hope you're doing well and you're in the mood for some product recommendations, otherwise this post will be a disappointment! If you've been here for a while you will know that I love lists, it's because I'm a virgo, I can't help it. You'll also know that I post a monthly… Continue reading January’s five favourites…

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What I’ve learned in six months of pet ownership

This is Kylo. Kylo is my cockatiel. Kylo and I just celebrated our six month anniversary, so I figured it was about time he was officially introduced to you all. If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll probably already be a little acquainted with him as I have become one of those animal parents that… Continue reading What I’ve learned in six months of pet ownership