Pretending - Holly Bourne Oh Holly Bourne, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Honestly, I was already convinced that Holly Bourne is nothing sort of a genius. She's long been one of my go-to authors and Pretending, her second journey into adult fiction, is definitely up there with one of my favourites… Continue reading Pretending



Havenfall - Sarah Holland Wow. What a wild ride this was! This was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, there were moments where I debated DNFing, the narration was weirdly paced in some places, which you'll know if you follow me on Twitter. It literally went from ooooh to meh to OH GOOD… Continue reading Havenfall


Mini Reviews | The Women at Hitler’s Table, The Night Country, The Eve Illusion

Greetings once more from isolation. I am missing having the choice as to whether I go out or not, but I am loving that all the free time means I can read more. I don't think I've ever managed to read three books in three days before! My massive list of Netgalley titles is coming… Continue reading Mini Reviews | The Women at Hitler’s Table, The Night Country, The Eve Illusion


5 great Wes Anderson movies

There are a lot of things that are upsetting me about the state of the world right now and one of them is everything that has been cancelled and postponed, including the movies that have now got new dates. One of the films I was super looking forward to was The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson's… Continue reading 5 great Wes Anderson movies


Keepin’ It Reel | The rewatch edition

Hands up who else is stuck indoors? Yep. Thought so. Anyway, here's some movies I've watched recently, in case you're looking for some recommendations to kill a few hours while you're also hiding from covid-19 or if you're fighting it. In which case, I salute you and wish you the best. Let's get on with… Continue reading Keepin’ It Reel | The rewatch edition

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This Green and Pleasant Land

This Green and Pleasant Land - Ayisha Malik As if Ayisha Malik managed to better the Sofia Khan duology. I am shook. SHOOK. Basically, if you thought Sofia Khan is not Obliged and the Other Half of Happiness were works of genius, take a seat because you ain't seen nothing yet. I don't think I… Continue reading This Green and Pleasant Land


My favourite Robert Downey Jr movies

Last month I mentioned that prior to the lockdown I saw Robert Downey Jr's latest film, Dolittle. I'll be honest, it wasn't the best film I've ever seen and it took me quite some time to figure out that his accent was Welsh. So I thought I'd list five much better Robert Downey Jr films… Continue reading My favourite Robert Downey Jr movies