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May round up

May started off being way more social than usual! Coffee with two of my favourite ladies (well, I say coffee, it was juice in my case) followed by cinema and being kicked out of a pub! While summer appeared to come and go within two days during May, I did manage to squeeze in a… Continue reading May round up

Top 5

Top 5….

Family members. You know, my family are pretty awesome already, but if I ended up in book land and needed some new relatives, these would be the five I would want. #5 - Sherlock Holmes He would be the worst person if you wanted a big brother or crazy uncle that would remember your birthday… Continue reading Top 5….

Top 5

My Top 5 Fictional…

... Villains. The very unscheduled Top 5 feature makes another appearance. This time I'm talking about my favourite villains. #5 Count Rugan (The Princess Bride - William Goldman) I love the Princess Bride. Count Rugan is one of the many ace things about the book, he's evil in the sense that he plans to murder… Continue reading My Top 5 Fictional…


The House of Silk: A new Sherlock Holmes Novel

House of Silk - Anthony Horrowitz Wow. I love Sherlock Holmes. I love the Conan Doyle stories. I think they’re ace. What I don’t love is the new Holmes stories because they’re never quite right, there is always something about them that is glaringly obviously not right. And it was with this trepidation that I… Continue reading The House of Silk: A new Sherlock Holmes Novel