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I broke my book buying ban | a quarantine book haul

You know that song that's always on TikTok, the "I did a baaaad thing," song? Just imagine that while thinking about how I promised I wasn't going to buy any books for the whole of this year. I decided in January that I had too many unread books on my shelf, I am a book… Continue reading I broke my book buying ban | a quarantine book haul

The Read List

May 2020

We're still in lockdown, so I don't have an awful lot to update you guys on. Basically, my days consist of working, hanging with the bird, reading and binging New Girl now it's on Netflix, honestly, I can't believe I forgot how much I love Nick Miller! Two of my favourite people have just moved… Continue reading May 2020



Pretending - Holly Bourne Oh Holly Bourne, how I love thee, let me count the ways. Honestly, I was already convinced that Holly Bourne is nothing sort of a genius. She's long been one of my go-to authors and Pretending, her second journey into adult fiction, is definitely up there with one of my favourites… Continue reading Pretending


Mini Reviews: The Ro-MAY-nce edition

Hello, welcome to another selection of recent reads that I wanted to tell you about, and as you can probably guess from the title (which I am not in any way sorry for) I've found myself reading a couple of romances this month! Anyway, romance - completely out of my usual comfort zone, it's just… Continue reading Mini Reviews: The Ro-MAY-nce edition

The Read List

April 2020

So, I mean, there wasn't a lot going on for me this month. I should have been going to the theatre and the cinema, hanging out with my munchkins and celebrating my dad's birthday. Sadly, the theatre cancelled or postponed all shows until the end of May and lockdown prevented the other frivolities. But you… Continue reading April 2020