We are not okay

We Are Not Okay - Natalia Gomez When I was at school it felt like there were children's books and there were adult books and nothing in between. I think teenage years at my school would have been so much easier to navigate if more books like this had existed. This was a pretty hard… Continue reading We are not okay


Pop Sugar Reading Challenge update

  Back at the beginning of the year, I decided to take on the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, I always love seeing other people take on these challenges and see how many different prompts they manage to complete, so I figured I'd do one myself! You can click here to see my earlier post detailing… Continue reading Pop Sugar Reading Challenge update

The Read List

July 2019

July was such a lovely month! We had some lovely weather, I learned a new skill, went to a surprise birthday party, got tattoo'd saw some amazing films, cried at Stranger Things... Basically, this was a great start to the summer. What I read this month: The Beekeeper of Aleppo - Christy Leferti I have… Continue reading July 2019


All We Could Have Been

All We Could Have Been - T E Carter Well this was a lot more than I bargained for. This is a tragic tale that covers pretty much everything from murder, OCD, PTSD, self harm... School issues... Did I miss anything? Probably. I got around to reading this around the same time that I decided… Continue reading All We Could Have Been

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Leah re-reads: Little Women

Ok, confession time, Little Women was a firm favourite of mine as a kid, so naturally it was on my list of books to tackle on this re-read project, but it was fairly near the bottom. Then I saw the promo images from the upcoming film with Timothee Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan as Laurie and… Continue reading Leah re-reads: Little Women